Intellectual Property and Patents

Intellectual Property and Patents

Intellectual Properties and patents, Munro Medical

Do you have questions about finding a patent? Munro Medical can help you with all of your intellectual property needs. We have experience in:

  • Developing IP
  • Working with patent attorneys to describe patent claims
  • Fnding “white space” where new ideas can be patented
  • Searching the patent literature to determine what claims are likely to be granted and where the limits will likely be set.

Patenting can be expensive, but there are ways to keep the costs down. We can help advise you on how to navigate the patent world.




IC Chip to PC Board Connector System

Link to 13-page PDF: IC Chip to PC Board Connector System, US Patent 5,288,238
US 5,288,238 IC Chip to PC Board Connector System. An apparatus is described for connecting rows of contact pads on a leadless integrated circuit (IC) chip to rows of traces on a circuit board, which facilitates the connection. Each interface device has a row of compressible conductors each having an upper end engaging a contact pad on the IC chip and a lower end engaging a conductive trace on the circuit board. Each interface device can have contacts at a finer pitch than the contacts on the IC chip or the circuit board, to reduce the precision required in mounting the interface devices on the socket. The result is a zero insertion force connector for rapidly testing IC chips during programming.


Strain Monitoring System and Apparatus

Link to 43-page PDF: Strain Monitoring System and Apparatus, US Patent 8,066,650
US 8,066,650 Strain Monitoring System and Apparatus is a system for monitoring strain as an indicator of biological conditions, such as spinal fusion. The system includes an interdigitated capacitive sensor, RF transmitter, and an associated antenna, all of which are microscopic in size and can be implanted in a human or animal. An inductively coupled power supply is employed to eliminate the need for implantation of a battery. Power is provided to the sensor from the external transceiver. The implanted sensor system is left in place permanently.

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