Medical Device Design

Medical Device Design

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With over 25 years of design experience and a long history of medical device design from implants to instruments to diagnostic sensors, Munro Medical is an excellent choice for your next project. We have expertise using major CAD software packages, such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, finite element analysis, such as ANSYS and Autodesk Simulation (formerly Algor), and other software tools, such as Mastercam, Matlab, and LabVIEW.

We have a small internal lab for electronic, prototyping, and some mechanical testing, but also have access to a mechanical test stand at a nearby university for biomechanical and fatigue testing. For more extensive prototyping and testing, we can outsource to other companies as needed.

We are surgeon-focused and like to help develop their ideas further so we can pitch them to potential investors. We’re currently working with surgeons on a variety of medical devices to improve surgical procedures, assist with rehabilitation, and help prevent issues during recovery. We are also assisting them with their IP and the patent filing process.



Eight Steps to Project Triage

Link to 2-page PDF: Eight Steps to Project Triage for BONEZONE, Commercialization Solutions for the Orthopaedic Industry
“What should I do next?” is a daunting question as we face multiple-high priority deadlines. No matter that we’ve had management tell us that everything is a priority; the reality is that we must choose which improvements and projects to tackle first. Thus, we all need a strategy to triage our projects. With that in mind, here are eight tips and techniques that have worked well for me.


Hands-on Biomechanics Lab for Undergraduate Universities

Link to 6-page PDF: Hands-On Biomechanics Lab for Undergraduate Universities
This paper discusses the development of a biomechanics lab course suitable for use at undergraduate engineering institutions who wish to expand their elective offerings or move towards developing a bioengineering degree program. The labs are designed to be low cost and feasible in a teaching environment with groups of students rotating through stationary lab setups.


Putting a Charge in Healing: Electrical Stimulators Show Great Promise, Especially for Spinal Fusions

Link to 3-page PDF: Putting a Charge in Healing: Electrical Stimulators Show Great Promise, Especially for Spinal Fusions
Spinal fusion is the latest application of electrical stimulation as a fracture healing. This exciting new application has been proven over 30 years of use, and the market is now poised for rapid growth. Patent activity shows an increased interest in this technology, and both start-up companies and orthopedic giants can thus benefit from introducing new products in this field.


White Papers


The Power of Meta-Analysis: How Smart Companies are Using a Statistical Methodology to Drive Breakthroughs

Link to 7-page PDF: The Power of Meta-Analysis: How Smart Companies are Using a Statistical Methodology to Drive Breakthroughs
Often, businesses find that they cannot perform a clinical study with enough patients to provide statistical significance to the results, so they must combine their results with those of others to determine safety and efficacy. Other businesses feel their products are far superior to others currently on the market, but to gain market share, they need to demonstrate the benefits of their products across a large cross-section of the population. Whatever the reason, meta-analyses are powerful tools that the medical device industry can use to promote and gain approval for innovative new products.

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