Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and Testing

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At Munro Medical, we believe in “fail early, fail often.” We like to brainstorm on creative solutions and then build mock-ups of our ideas to see if they’ll actually work in practice.

These can be made at a larger scale using off the shelf components, wood, plastic, and sheet metal to demonstrate how the device would operate — and it is here where what doesn’t work becomes glaringly obvious.

Once we’ve vetted an idea, we move on to higher resolution, often functional prototypes. We use our in-house wood shop, 3D printing providers, and local fabrication shops to build prototypes you can use for demonstrating concepts and pitching your ideas to investors.

Only at the end do we develop a full CAD design, which can include a full set of engineering drawings with complete dimensioning and tolerancing. Munro Medical has significant CNC machining experience, and will always design your devices with manufacturability in mind.

We have in-house electrical testing capabilities, along with some small scale mechanical testing, microscopy, and electronics, such as microcontrollers, oscilloscope, power supplies, and function generators. We also have access to biomechanical testing at a local university, and we can do sensor fabrication of MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) at two regional universities.




Development of an Automated Manufacturing Course with Lab for Undergraduates

Link to 6-page PDF: Development of an Automated Manufacturing Course with Lab for Undergraduates
At her prior university, Dr. Munro resurrected and enhanced a hands-on advanced CAD and automated manufacturing course that introduces students to advanced solid modeling techniques in CAD, such as sweeps, lofts, and surfacing methods. In addition, students learn manual machining and vacuum forming in our machine shop, along with learning how to create tool paths for CNC machining their designed CAD parts out of wax on various three axis end mills, a 3D printer, and a 3D laser scanner.

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