Matthew Dally

MSME — Research Assistant

Matthew R Dally

Matthew earned a BS in Mechanical engineer from the University of Portland in May 2014 and a MS in aeronautics and astronautics from Purdue University in Dec 2015.

His experience includes four years of work in a research environment, including work in vibrational analysis in metallic beam health and hypersonic boundary layer transition mechanics.

His role at Munro Medical is to contribute to the overall design of a spinal fusion sensor, which involves conducting tests and validating prototypes, and assisting in overcoming any logistical hurdles related to medical devices.

In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and golf, rock climbing, and playing the piano.

James Magas

BSME and Biology — Research Assistant

James Magas

James has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Portland, which he completed in 2013. He is working on completing a double major in biology from the University of Portland.

While a student, James did research on the spinal fusion sensor, developing a test protocol for apparatus for simulating spinal fusion using bone cement and a dynamic fatigue test machine, and he presented these results at an ASME undergraduate research symposium.

He is working for Munro Medical as an independent contractor, focusing on adapting the testing apparatus to work in a new fatigue test machine, collecting data from rotary encoders, and developing a simulated cartilage for testing.

James is an avid skier and enjoys most outdoor sports. When he can, he enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.

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